Wood blinds

Bamboo blinds – have a piece of nature in your apartment or house. These blinds are designed to be installed on plastic windows or euro-windows or inside ceiling. We offer blinds with 25mm  or 50mm wide lamellas. Bamboo blinds can be controlled manually by ball-string or with a motor drive with a switch or remote control.


Types of bamboo BLINDS

Bamboo blinds – 25mm

Dřevěné žaluzie

These blinds are against wooden lamellas blinds 25 mm thin, so they are lighter and have a smaller height of lap when pulled blinds. This type of blinds fits in all types of windows (except the roof and angled windows).

The basis of blinds is 25x25mm profile, which is normally covered with a cover bamboo bar. Lamellas are conducted side nylon cables, but the blinds can be delivered without them.

Bamboo blinds are mounted on the window sash into the glazing bar, because there is no distortion of the window frame.

You can choose manual control using a ball chain or motorized comfortably.


Sizes of bamboo blinds with manual control:

width min. 500mm

width max. 3000 mm

height: max: 1980 mm

max. area: 3,6m2


Bamboo blinds – 50mm

Bamboo blinds with lamellas with a width of 50mm. Upper profile of size 40x40mm is covered with a decorative wooden cornices. These wood blinds are suitable as a room divider or large windows. Precise guidance lamellas provide side nylon rope. Blinds can be delivered without side guides.

Bamboo blinds can be mounted in front of the window openings, wall or ceiling.

The control is manual by the chain.


Sizes of bamboo blinds with manual control:

width max. 2380 mm

height: max: 3000 mm

max. area: 4m2


How to proceed with order

There are two methods how to order the blinds – by telephone call or personally in the shop.obchodnice
It you wish to buy blinds with installation, our sales representative will note down your contact information (name, address, telephone number) and assigns the order to a technician. The technician shall contact you within two days and agree with you the measuring date.
Based on the measuring the technician fills in an order form according to which the blinds are produced within 14 days. Then he arranges the date of installation with you when the blind is installed and tested.
Payments (advance payment and due balance) are made in cash – 50% advance payment is paid with the measuring, due balance is paid after installation and testing.
Should you be interested in blinds without installation, best you can do is to visit our shop (Americká 2772, Kladno) with required dimensions of the blinds. You can choose the lamellas here and our shop assistant will fill in the order form and method of supply or delivery. In this case the delivery deadline is one week.
Payments (advance payment and due balance) are made in cash – 50% advance payment is paid with the measuring, due balance is paid with takeover of the goods.