Vertical blinds


Vertical fabric blinds create an interesting interior complement. Their primary function is to shade the room of course, but proper choice of lamellas contributes to effective decoration of the interior.

Lamellas for UNIVERS vertical blinds are either 127mm or 89mm wide. We use polyester, cotton  or glass-textile lamellas produced by Hexcel, or special lamellas with steamed aluminium designed for decreasing the thermal gain of the room. By rotating the lamellas you perfectly control the light and privacy in the room.


Vertical blinds parameters

Maximum width – 7m guiding profile length
Maximum height – 4.4m from the upper edge of guiding profile to the lower edge of lamellas

Guiding profile – 45x25mm
Lamella width – 127mm or 89mm

Vertical blinds materials

Guiding profiles – extruded aluminium
Components – PVC
Lamellas – polyester, glass-textile, cotton, steamed aluminium on polyester


Profiles and components – white
Lamellas – over 100 colours

Vertical blinds control


The vertical blind lamellas rotation is controlled by a ball string; lamellas rotate up to 180 degrees. Each lamella is secured against damage with a frictionvertikalni zaluzie clutch. Wrong manipulation may cause varying rotation of lamellas. Such variation may be eliminated by double rotation of the lamellas of whole 180 degrees. When fully closed, do not pull the ball string any further in the closing direction.

Pulling the lamellas of vertical blinds aside is done by a pulling thread with weight with lamellas always in vertical position to the guiding profile. De Lux models are with a 220V electric motor drive with a push-button control. Location of the motor – behind the guiding profile on the left or right. Motor proportions:     53,5 x 27,4 x 434mm


Production and Assembly

We produce our vertical blinds on a semiautomatic machine with integrated control system for high quality production. We use only top quality BluLine components by Tecnolight.
In addition to producing the blinds we also provide complete service, including measuring and installation. It is as easy as calling 312 679 060 or 312 663 234 and arranging for our handy technicians. We will handle the rest.

How to proceed with order

There are two methods how to order the blinds – by telephone call or personally in the shop.obchodnice
It you wish to buy blinds with installation, our sales representative will note down your contact information (name, address, telephone number) and assigns the order to a technician. The technician shall contact you within two days and agree with you the measuring date.
Based on the measuring the technician fills in an order form according to which the blinds are produced within 14 days. Then he arranges the date of installation with you when the blind is installed and tested.

Payments (advance payment and due balance) are made in cash – 50% advance payment is paid with the measuring, due balance is paid after installation and testing.

Should you be interested in blinds without installation, best you can do is to visit our shop (Americká 2772, Kladno) with required dimensions of the blinds. You can choose the lamellas here and our shop assistant will fill in the order form and method of supply or delivery. In this case the delivery deadline is one week.

Payments (advance payment and due balance) are made in cash – 50% advance payment is paid with the measuring, due balance is paid with takeover of the goods.
For any further information about delivery and payment terms for corporate customers please contact us on telephone number 312 679 084.