Venetian blinds

Venetian alluminium blinds are still the most spread way of interior shading.žaluzie na míru

Modern looking alluminiun blinds UNIVERS are delivered in slat’s width of 25mm and thickness is 0,18mm. These balanced proportions guarantee, thad blinds will be easy to control and will be strong and proof against damages.

We offer the blinds in rainbow colours and other decent shades so that you can match it to your interior design.

In-window blinds is designed for older types of prefab houses or windows with lining. The blind is installed between window panes or between the outer and inner window. The blind is operated manually with a stick (declination of lamellas) and thread (lowering and pulling up). Aluminium lamellas 25mm wide in colour-card colours.




Types horizontal blinds

ISSO jalousie

It is intended only for plastic windows and eurowindows. Control is a manual ball chain. Therefore, they are also called blinds chain. The aluminum lamella has a width of 25 mm and in a wide range of colors.

Horizontální žaluzie

Sizes of horizontal blinds ISSO:

width min. 215 mm, max. 2600 mm

height: max: 2200 mm

thickness of the lamela 0,18 mm


lamellas:alloy Al/Mg


Venetian blinds are controlled by chain.


Between glasses blinds

is a type of window blinds for older types of prefab windowsor casement windows. Blinds are mounted between the window panes or between windows. Operated manually rod (slat tilting) and corded (lowering of the blind). Aluminum lamella width 25 mm color sampler. žaluzie do plastových oken

Sizes of horizontal blinds between glasses:

width min. 160 mm, max. 2600 mm

height: max: 2200 mm

width of lamela 0,18 mm


lamelas:alloy Al/Mg


Horizontal blinds through a side outlet bushing, tilt rod is done lowering and drawstring.



Interior blinds

It is designed for mounting on a window or on a wall. Interior course, all but the Name is experienced because indoor jalousies can be mounted on the wall in the interior. Manual control rod (slat tilting) and corded (lowering of the blind).

Sizes of interior horizontal blinds:žaluzie do oken

width min. 240 mm, max. 2600 mm

height: max: 2200 mm

thickness of the lamela is 0,18 mm


lamellas: alloy Al/Mg


Venetian blinds are controlled by with a rod gearboxlowering is equipped with a brake and performs with a string.


Window and door mosquito nets

For a great interest in introducing customers to our product range Window andokenní sítě Door mosquito nets. We offer several colorful decors profiles, which are made of extruded aluminum. Mesh is fiberglass coated with PVC, and the offer is gray or black color. With its variable holders not to hit and damage the window. Door network are fixed by plastic hinges.

Sizes of window and door nets:

limiting sizes of a window net:  width max 1800mm, height max 1800mm, area max 3,30m2

limiting sizes of a door net: width max  1000mm, height max 2500mm,area max 2,50m2


Production and installation

We produce the blinds exactly to your requirements. Nothing is produced for the stock only and we are able to react also to your extraordinary demands. Due to the high volume of production we are able to produce for you a single blind only for very low price.Our blinds are made of best quality materials supplied by European producers which we process on a semi-automatic machine in top quality.

We not only produce the blinds, we also provide a complete service including measuring and installation. It is as easy as dialling 312 679 060 or 312 663 234 and arrange for our handy technicians. We will handle the rest.

We produce and install horizontal blinds whether you have one or thousand windows. Large volume orders deserve large volume discounts thank to the continuous production on the semi-automatic machine, especially in case of the same colour of the lamellas.


How to proceed with order

There are two methods how to order the blinds – by telephone call or personally in the shop. It you wish to buy blinds with installation, our sales representative will note down your contactobchodnice information (name, address, telephone number) and assigns the order to a technician. The technician shall contact you within two days and agree with you the measuring date.Based on the measuring the technician fills in an order form according to which the blind is produced within 14 days. Then you have to agree on the date of installation when the blind is installed and tested.

Payments (advance payment and due balance) are made in cash – 50% advance payment is paid with the measuring, due balance is paid after installation and testing.

Should you be interested in blinds without installation, best you can do is to visit our shop (Americká 2772, Kladno) with required dimensions of the blinds. You can choose the lamellas here and our shop assistant will fill in the order form and method of supply or delivery. In this case the delivery deadline is one week. Payments (advance payment and due balance) are made in cash – 50% advance payment is paid with the measuring, due balance is paid with takeover of the goods.