Rolling Grilles


That you have never heart about rolling grilles? And you own a shop, hair salon, restaurant, or any other shop with a shop window or even without it and you neccessary need to protect your valuable property against robbers? Rolling grilles for shop windows are answers to these questions.mriz roletova_ilustracni

That’s why we offer our produt – rolling grilles – love of  foreign vendors. Rolling grilles for shop windows  are favorite for owners of coffee shops, whose had problem with night raids to cashbox or any other places, where was a lot of money. Believe, that this piece of iron will protect your property reliably – thats why there are rolling grilles. Besides, rolling grilles are great even for your personal property. Would you believe, that you can use it even to your garage, where is your luxury car parked? Our motto is: our customer – our master. Try the role of master and get to you and your buildings the highest possible protectiong – the rolling grilles from Univers. The production is according to customer’s wish. Who had never been robbed will not believe in magical power our rolling grilles, which are able to protect any area.

Rolling grilles are meant for effective mechanic proection shop windows and entrances to shops, shoping center, comercial or storage spaces and so on. Rolling grilles are made of steel and in basic version are controlled by engine.

The production of rolling grilles is work of our specialist. Thanks to the fact, that we make them for a many years, we have our own know how.Production is rolling grilles work of our professional specialists. Due to the fact that Grilles are manufactured for many years, we have our own know-how. For example, machines for automatic winding springs and under. This can reduce the time required to manufacture Grilles, and we can offer our rolling grilles at unbeatable prices. Cheap Rolling Grilles.


Types of Rolling Grilles

Roller grilles are available in four types of design – all are made of quality material and specifically the steel bars. Very popular is a rolling grille VALENCIA, which is suitable for shops and stores in shopping malls. Excels in straight lines and a very modern look. other types of grilles are rolling steel grate VERONA, which is contrary corrugated profile tubes and is particularly suitable for shops in the the historical part of town – such as. Goldsmith or in bookshops. The third type is rolling grilles grille RaVent, which is intended to protect the space where not to be seen because it is made from opaque full profiles. The last type is a rolling grille MONAKO designed for areas that require continuous ventilation and exhaust. For more technical information about our rolling grilles can be found below or contact our specialists, who will gladly provide all the information.


Rolling Grilles – Valencia

Valencia P60: Rolling grille compiled of 14mm galvanized tubes connected with a connecting rod 60mm long and 2mm thick.

P90 and P120: Rolling grille compiled of 14mm thickness galvanized tubes interconnected with a connecting rod (part) of 95mm length, 1.5mm thick; or, respectively, 120mm long and 1.0mm thick
Accessories for rolling grilles: vertical U-shape guides (galvanic holder – flange), spring boxes and rolling shaft. Rolling grilles shaft diameter ranges from 48mm, 60mm, 76mm to 101mm depending to the grille’s proportions (see the scheme).
The rolling grilles may be controlled manually or with a drive.



Rolling Grilles – Verona

Verona S14: Rolling grille compiled of two shaped galvanized tubes of 14mm thickness. Both parts of the roll-up grate are connected with a galvanized clasp.

Verona R14: Rolling grille compiled of two shaped 14mm thick galvanized tubes. Both parts of the roll-up grate and a straight tube in the middle serving as reinforcement are connected with a galvanized clasp.
Accessories for the rolling griles include vertical U-shape guides (40x25x40mm), anchoring galvanized flanges, shafts with boxes, guide holders and anchoring screws. Number 3 or 3 P 115 – includes parts for rolling shafts. No. 3 P115 includes bottom components and end component.
Rolling grilles shaft diameter ranges from 48mm, 60mm, 76mm to 101mm depending on the rolling grille’s proportions (see the scheme).
The rolling grilles may be controlled manually or with a drive.


Rolling Grilles – RAVENTA

Rolling grille compiled of galvanized full profiles (115mm high) with 8/10, 10/10, 12/10 thickness. Accessories for the rolling grille include U-shape guides, anchoring galvanicmriz_raventa_1

flanges, shaft with boxes, clasps for the guides and anchoring screws.
The rolling grille may be controlled manually or with a drive.





Rolling Grilles – MONAKO

Rolling grilles made of galvanized profiles (115mm high), 10/10 thick, micro-perforated with 3mm diameter. This type of rolling grille is designed to protect shops, boutiques and spaces requiring
mriz_monako_detail_1constant ventilation.

Accessories for the rolling grille include vertical U-shape guides (40x25x40mm), anchoring galvanized flanges, a shaft with boxes, guide clasps and anchoring screws. The rolling grilles may be controlled manually or with a drive. For perfect appearance the rolling grilles may be coloured with RAL colours.
The rolling grilles may be controlled manually or with a drive.




Accessories for rolling grilles

Roletová mříž pro obchodni centrum

Roller grill is made of armor plate, shatf, leading slats, side rails and of springs. Everything is zinced and the shaft is coloured.

We offer wide range of accessories for rolling grilles – engine, key switches with unlock or wihout unlock, lock into the ending rail, transmitters, photocells and so on.

The case of wrapper of roller grill, profiles and leading rails can be lacquered into any colour RAL. We also offer lacquering of roller grill’s armor plate, but without the guarantee.Motor pro roletové mříže

We recommend to control roller grills by engine. We produce them either with central engine or with side engine. The choice of motor depends on few parametres – proportions of roller grillers, the weight of roller grilles, the placing of engine and so on.



Photos of our production

The production of rolling grilles is exactly according to a customer wish, under expert supervision of our specialists. We have prepared few photos, how is the production going on. One’s production is very demanding and hard work and yet we try, to get the price into the best amount. Because the priorities for customer isnt just quality roller grill, but even the price. If you are interested in exact price of roller grilles, contact us and we well be glat to make you quotation.

On the first picture – working place for drilling shafts. Then are placed drumms on roller grille’s shafts and wrapped up springs. Everything is made by hand and is under strict supervision. Workers manualy complete roller grilles, when they place single buckle and ensure them with rivets. After complete of armor plate and instalation of engine is everything checked a ready for dispatch.

Výroba roletových mříží  výroba rolovací mříže navíjení na hřídel  Rolovací mříže navíjení

Rolovací mříž výroba  Rolovací mříž výroba  mříže roletové uskladnění

Photos of assembling

mříž rolovací montáž  mříž rolovací montáž  Rolovací mříže montáž

Rolovací mříž montáž  Rolovací mříže montáž  mříž montáž

If you are interested in assembling of metal roller grill, check following photos. First step is assembling of leading rails and side rails. Then is isnstallation of shatfs and then thanks to upper cut is assembled the roller grill. In case of motoric controll is engine connected by electrician  and rollig grill is tested many times before it’s passed to customer for use.

On the following photos you can see another assembling of metal roller grill. Roller grilles for shopping centre are assembled very often, it is very efficient component for securing shops. The most customers are from shopping centres in Prague, but even oustide of Prague.

Mříže hřídel montáž Rolovací mříže montáž Roletové mříže montáž mříž roletová montáž Mříže roletové montáž Rolovací mříže montáž


How to proceed when ordering

ou can order them by two ways – by telephone or pesonaly in our showroom.obchodnice

If you are interested in rolling grilles with assebling, our retailer will take your name, adress and telephone number and will arange a meeting withou you. The most perfect variant is meeting on the place of assembling.

He will measure it and write an order, according to that will be the rolling grille made no later then 3 weeks.. After that, production manager will contact you and arrange the date of assembling.

Payment (prepayment and additional payment) are in cash or by bank transfer – it depends on agreement between you and our employee. The prepayment in 50% of the price will payed straight to our retailer while writing an order You will pay the rest when we will be assembling product and you will try if it works properly.

If you are interested in rolling grilles without assembling, is the best to come into our showroom in Kladno or Plzen with requested proportions. We will write an order and arrange the way of delivery.