Roller shutters


Our experts will assemle them and guarantee you fast servis

Our company belongs between the most experienced in assortment of roller shutters, engines and controls. We produce them made to measure of our customers. Our technical experts are regularly attending training courses for the newest technologies of production and controlling.


Why to buy roller shutters – 7 main reasons why to have them!


  1. + for your money – saves energy 
  2. + for your security – protects your house
  3. + for your comfort – efficient shading
  4. + for your privaci – lower the noise
  5. +for your convenience – easy handling
  6. + for ease work – easy asseblig
  7. + for your design – original accessory  on your house




Why are roller shutters so interesting?

  • Bigger glass area – more light – by assembling before the window is the height of the window bigger.
  • Roller shutter box can be assembled additionaly. The box is situated at the window frame without neccessary changes on window.
  • Thanks to assembling roller shutters there are not additional bricklayer work.
  • Creative creation of facade – they highlight it by their possibilities of shapes and colours and doesn’t keep open any architecture wish

Why must be roller shutters of alluminium?

  • Stability – Alluminium is more steady and resistant than any other material – that’s why it is long-life and maintance-free.
  • Product with a long-life, in which you should invest.
  • Ecology – the production carefull to nature guarantee filling slats with foam without FCKW and the newest technological process lacquering by powder colours doesn’t contain TGIC
  • Economy – alluminium doesn’t rust and thats why it is resistant against wind.
  • Comfort of controlling without border – from manual control with  strip or string to more comfort control with engine and transmitter




Outside window roll-ups for additional installation

Rolety Předokenní

Do not despair if the construction is finished. There still is a chance to have the outside window roll-ups installed. There is more than one method of and place for installing the outside window roll-ups. You can either fix it to the niche or on the facade depending on the appearance of your house or type of your windows.




Outside window roll-ups for new-built houses

Venkovní rolety v novostavbách

Our company offers outside window roll-ups for new-built houses as well. Whether your house is under construction or you prepare larger reconstruction of your house, the best solution is to built the outside window roll-ups in the lintel space. For this purpose we sell outside window roll-ups with aluminium or styropor box for plastering works.





Outdoor shades with integrated net

Venkovní roleta s integrovanou sítí

We offer outdoor blinds with integrated mosquito nets for roller blinds a retrofit or new construction, which is built in pop-up box. An integrated net will protect you from insects. It is made of rubberized fabric of glass fibers. Thanks to the special guide rails may be blind and mosquito net controlled not only independently, but also simultaneously. Due to the spring shaft and two anchorages at the bottom of the guides remains insect screen still tensioned.




Outside window roll-ups to be built in Heluz lintel

Rolety Venkovní rohový důmWe have an outside window roll-up solution for new-built houses with Heluz lintels which have been designed as support lintels with space for roll-ups. The lintel, made in many widths, is fixed as a compact product over the window/door opening. The advantage of this system is that you can install the roll-ups any time, even after the construction is finished.



 Vložka Heluz pro předokenní rolety  Řez vložkou Heluz pro Venkovní rolety

Asymmetric – atypical outdoor blinds

Předokenní rolety atypickéWe offer blinds for atypical windows and conservatories. Installing shutters eg. To arc, trapezoidal or triangular windows is no problem.

Atypical blinds are available in two variants, where you can have a box placed at the bottom, or vice versa at the top of the window.





Leverage your shutters

Wireless or conventional solutions?

Venkovní roleta ovládání


To control the shutters can be used both solutions.

Drátové ovládáníPředokenní roleta s drátovám ovládánímRadiové ovládáníVenkovní roleta na dálkový ovladač

Conventional (“wired“) solutions

This solution always requires a “wired” connection between the control (switch control unit) and drive. If the system has a central controller, then in addition, all the controls are connected together via a control circuit.

wireless solutions

Wireless Radio Technology Somfy control allows you to use drives with built-in receiver. Then the only cabling is the mains supply voltage of 230 V to drive. All the drivers in the system are powered by batteries and power supply are required. Construction interventions in the interior of your home is so minimal. New remote controls Somfy RTS offer the comfort that matches the technology of the 21st century: a time control through scenarios, 20 channels, clear display and much more. Be inspired!

Detail ovladače na Předokenní rolety Save time!

Have you ever tried to think about how much time you lose everyday running and pulling blinds, if you are only equipped with ordinary strap or button that you must hold? If shutters recall drive and simplest electronic controls a each role can also save 3-4 hours per year!

more confortable

Lower the blinds and pull the touch of a button: one, several, or all of them. Only in the bedroom or in the entire ground floor. Directly from the window or from the front door. And also from the garage, if you wish.

Operate shutters individually, in groups, or all at once. Manually or automatically via a time program stored in the time switch.

Intermediate gives you a one-touch launch shutters to the position that will allow you to comfortably watch television or leave ajar ventilation slots. Intermediate stop themselves easily, it can be canceled at any time or change and shutters to the launch touch of a button.

more safety

Are you tired circulate all windows and manually run the shutters when you leave the house for just a moment? But thieves are quick. Or you moments after you left home, troubling doubts whether you are running really all shutters? In doing so, the situation can be solved by pressing a single button.

Protection against burglary brake, which is part of the drive, in conjunction with locking hinges effectively prevents forced lifting of shutters.


New remote controls for your shutters.

 Dálkový ovladač na Venkovní rolety Dálkový ovladač pro Předokenní rolety Detail ovladače pro rolety venkovní Dálková ovladač pro rolety předokenní

What is the advantage of our shutters against other systems?


  • Blinding – shutters not only provide shade on hot summer days, will interior can darken during the day for quiet relaxation or home theater. Energy saving – before installing window shutters increase thermal insulation. Resulting cushion of air saves the cost of heat and power. Savings for heat is 25 to 30,000, CZK per year depending on the size of the house .. Increased protection shutters increase protection against burglary. Shutters act as quickly use protection against rain, hail and wind.• The sound protection – the effect of two walls act as a sound barrier and thus reduces external noise. Shutters noise attenuation up to 10 dB. Shutters allow you to restful sleep.

 Tepelný most u starých oken Tepelná prostupnost u oken se zastaralými venkovními roletami Tepelná vodivost u předokenních rolet
 Without shutters With old shutters Shutters Univers




Rodinný dům s Roletami předokenními

We have prepared for you some photos from the implementation of contracts shutters. It is a highly functional shading element that will highlight the uniqueness of each building. The choice of colors from our swatch lamellas so you can choose the most appropriate variation. Also, you can see some photos of installing blinds.


<< reference photos >>




How to proceed when ordering

Portrait of happy smiling businesswoman with okay gesture

Roller blinds can be ordered in two ways by phone or in person at the store.

If you are interested in roller blinds with installation, our sales staff will visit you directly to the site of the future assembly. This consultation is of course free. Based on focus with your sales representative will prepare a quote and then writes an order, based on which will begin production. Delivery time is 4 weeks from the written order and advance payment.

If you are interested in outdoor blinds without installation, it is best to come to our shop (Americká 2772, Kladno) with the required dimensions of exterior shutters. Here you can choose the type of business worker and you shall make a request to the terms of payment and collection. The term subscription is 14 days. The store will pay a deposit of 50% of the amount of money you pay a surcharge when collecting goods.

Payments (deposit and surcharge) ongoing cash or bank transfer. A deposit of 50% pay our sales representatives in the drafting of the order or we will issue proforma invoice and send it to you. Surcharge amounts will be paid after installation and testing cash or bank transfer to our account.