Roller blinds

Roller blinds belongs between interior shading, which protect against sun but also perfectly complete your interior.  At the same time it protects against unwanted sights from outside. This type is suitable for flats and houses, but also for commercial sphere.

Wide range of material and color will satisfy even the the most exacting customers. Roller blinds are produced in many variants and it’s just up to you, which type you will choose.





Roller blind – Alexa

latkove_rolety_alexa (2)This roller blind is esstablet specialy for commercial use, but because of her maximal proportions it will be suitable even in bigger glass areans in houses. Alluminium shaft has 34mm diameter. Fixing is possible into the wall or ceiling. The controlling of roller blind is provided by silver or white plastic chain. Extras is here electric motor.

Colours of components: white, gray

Minimal width 40 cm – maximal width 300cm, maximal height 300 cm (maximal recommended area 9 m2)

Roller blind – CORADO

latkove_rolety_corado (1)This roller blind is established primarily for flats and houses. It’s free handing roller blind without hiding mechanism. Alluminium shaft has 25mm and there are options to fix it into wall or ceiling. Winding up is made using chain. Plastic parts is possible to deliver in 10 shades. The fabric is finished with an alluminium profile, which keeps the fabric tighten.

Colours of components: white, salmon pink, beige, pink, yellow, light green, brown, light blue, dark blue, dark green

Minimal width 40 cm – maximal width 180 cm, minimal height 40 cm – maximal height 250 cm (maximal recommended area 4 m2)


Roller blind – OMEGA

latkove_rolety_omega (1)Roller blind Omega is established for fixing into plastic window frame. It’s replenished with cassete, which protects the winded up fabric and it helps to minimalize sun light in the room. Cassetes can be delivered in 6 colour shades. Alluminium shaft has 17mm in diameter. The controlling is made by using chain.

Colours of components: white, silver, light oak, golden oak, cherry, dark brown, mahogany

Minimal width 40 cm – maximal width 150 cm, minimal height 40 cm – maximal height 200/250 cm (maximal recommended area 3,75 m2)


Roller blind – TARA

tara_roletaIt’s specificed for shading in Velux, Fakro or Roto roof windows. Velux, Fakro a Roto.  These interior roller blinds are in combination with special dark fabric Blackout is possible to have 100%  blackout. They are very desired. You can stop this roller blind in any position because of brake with spring mechanism.

Colours of components: white, silver, light pine, dark pine

Minimal width 40 cm, maximal width 120 cm, minimal height 40 cm, maximal height 140 cm. (maximal recommended area 1,68 m2).


Roller blind Day and Night

There is new interesting component in our offer. It’s called roller blind day and night and roller blind Zebra. It’s fabric shading, where are used stripes of transparent and non-transparent fabric, which are regularly changing. By the moving of it you can achieve different penetration of light into the interior. It combinates quality of classic blind and venetian blinds. You can fluently set the intensity of sun light. If will perfectly fits into your interior and make it interesting. This product can repulace curtains. You can control it by chain

Colour variants for roller blinds Day and Night:

Roller blind – Maronetta

There is modern and interesting way of shading in our offer – Maronetta. It’s made of rail, vercital plastic slats and very decorative fabric.

Maronetta is controlled by chain. By bending the slats you can close them and there will be black-out. We offer fabric in many designs and shades.


How to proceed when ordering

Fabric window blinds and other shading can be ordered in two ways by phone or in person at the store.Portrait of happy smiling businesswoman with okay gesture

If you are interested in fabric blinds with installation, our sales staff can take you on a contact (name, address, telephone number) and assigns a contract technician. He was within two working days in touch with you to arrange your focus.

Based on the focus it writes an order according to which the blinds within 14 days produces. Then you agreed date of installation, blinds installed and tested.

Payments (deposit and surcharge) held in cash – a deposit of 50% is due upon focus, balance after assembly and testing.

If you are interested cloth interior blinds without installation, it is best to come to our shop (Americká 2772, Kladno) with the required dimensions shutters. Here you can choose the type of blinds including the required materials and trading staff with you, writes the order and method of collection or delivery. The term in this case is one week.

Payments (deposit and surcharge) held in cash – a deposit of 50% is due upon ordering, balance upon receipt of goods.