Outdoor sliding awnings

Producing of awnings – we produce them according to a customer’s wish and of the fabric he chooses.

Be prepared for the beatiful summer days. Make yourself a pleasure and order an quality awning for your terrace or balcony. By that step you will achieve a pleasant shade on a whole terrace for very nice moments while having a breakfast on your terrace or for afternoon calm realxing and meeting with your friends. Right now, you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner outside. Garden awnings will give your house an holiday look and you will feel like in Marseille or in Saint-Tropez!

Call us and and we will make you your own awning, deliver it, assemle it and we will take care of appropriate service.

How to choose the right one?

You are propaply asking – how to choose the right type of an awning for me? The answer isn’t easy, but we wil try to help you.


Folding arm awning – ATHENA

markýzy na zahradu

It’s the cheapest type. It is perfect for restaurant, shops, but even for terrace of houses. It is also suitable as balcony awning. It has tought construction of alluminium. You can control it by handle or by engine with transmitter.





Folding arm awning – ELITE 300/400

markýza s volánkem

Its suitable for terraces, balcony or restaurants. Its available to everybody because its low price. This awning can provide shade for a area to 12m wide. You can control it by handle or by engine with transmitter.





Folding arm arwning – GIANT


Exclusive awning, which is perfect for huge areas. This awning is controlled only by engine and transmitter because its big proportions. Arms of this awnings are two times stronger then normal awning. That’s why is possible to make its maximum width 12m and projection 5m.




Cassete awning – CARMEN


This awning is characterized by very tough construction and elegant design. It has a long lifetime because of box, which protects fabric and fold up arms against bad weather.





Cassete awning – HELIX 2


This awning is very attractiv for the first sight. Fabric and construction are hidden and protected in a box. Cassete awnings are perfect for the most exacting customers because of its design and esthetical value. We recommend controlling by engine with transmitter.





Cassete awning- PEGASUS


Very modern for the most exacting customers. Every spare is preciously made to fit to each other. Fabric and construction are hidden and protected in a box.




Conservatory shading – ZENITH


This type of shading is perfect for oblique or horizontal types of conservatory’s roofs. Because of this awning, the conservatory isnt overheating and it decreases your air-conditioner costs.





Conservatory shading – SAHARA – innovation 2015


This innovation si perfect for bigger proportions of your conservatory. Because of using this awning, the conservatory isn’t overheating and you can relax in pleasant climate.






Freestanding awnings for mobile shading

mobilni stineni

This type is perfect for restaurant’s gardens. Mobile shading is suitable wherever you can’t fix an awning into the wall or you need to shade bigger area.





Sun canvas

slun plachty

Very interesting shading system. They can be controlled by automatic sensor according to weather or sun rays. They are perfect next to pools or terraces.




How to proceed when ordering

Awnings can be ordered in two ways – by phone or in person at the store.obrázek usmívající se obchodnice

If you are interested in awnings with installation, our sales staff can take a contact on you (name, address, telephone number) and assigns a contract to a technician. He will within two working days get in touch with you to arrange your focus.

Based on the focus he writes an order according to which the awnings within 21 days produces. Then he will agree the date of installation, blinds installed and tested.

Payments (deposit and surcharge) held in cash a deposit of 50% is due upon focus, balance after assembly and testing.

If you are interested in awnings without installation, it is the most out come to our shop (Americká 2772, Kladno) with the required sizes of the awnings. Here you can choose the type of fabric and business worker writes an order with you and method of collection or delivery. The term in this case is two weeks.