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We produce and install aluminium and wooden blinds for windows. Quality, price and short notice are the merits of our blinds.

Interior horizontal blinds

The horizontal blinds represent the most frequent method of shading. It is a simple and effective solution for reasonable price. Express yourself in brilliant colours and give life and personality to your room or office. Create a brand new and appealing room with stylish/fashionable aluminium venetian blinds in rainbow colours or decent shades. 25 mm is the most frequent width of lamellas.

Interior vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are highly effective for shading large areas and quite decorative. We always find an appropriate solution of all your requirements for place or height of the blinds. The lamellas are of different levels of transparency and heat transmission.

Outside blinds

Beside the interior vertical and horizontal blinds we produce outside aluminium venetian blinds for windows. Perfect quality and good price are their merits. We recommend C 80 or C 90 lamellas.

Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds – luxury look and a touch of nature at home. Order our custom-made venetian blinds. With motor drive and remote control for enhanced comfort.

Plisé – folden blinds

Pleat – interior shading the appearance of which – with regular folds – perfectly finishes the interior design. Wide range of technical versions, shapes, operation modes form its great advantage and together with a unique collection of textile enhances attractiveness of this product.