Industrial doors

DoorHan industrial sectional doors are designed for frequent use and large dimensions building openings, so they are used high quality materials – modern superalloys and coatings. Sectional industrial doors has a long life and can withstand high loading, have a reinforced spring mechanism, which is designed for up to 25,000 cycles. In the optional equipment can be purchased spring mechanism it is tested for 50/75 / 100,000 cycles of opening and closing doors. The primary destination of industrial halls, production and warehouse space, public parking access high-intensity movements like cars.




průmyslová vrataIndustrial doors are made of sandwich panels strength 40mm thermal break. The panel consists of two strong galvanized sheets with reinforcement for maximum strength and filled with polyurethane foam of best quality without harmful substances. Front and rear metal shell panel not touch to each other, so avoiding the freezing of the panel and increases the energy savings. Industrial doors are reinforced hinges and sides of the steel cables with protection against breakage. The springs are standard equipment designed for up to 25,000 cycles. In the optional equipment can be purchased spring mechanism it is tested for 50/75 / 100,000 cycles of opening and closing Gates.These industrial doors will ensure reliable operation in any weather. Building opening for the installation of industrial doors is limited to a few basic parameters regarding the height, width, size, etc. lintel. opening height: 2-8 m opening width: 2-7 m (vertical stroke 8 meters) lintel height: 150 mm min lining: at least 130 mm • depth of the room: Door height + 500 mm


průmyslová vrata sekčníThe doors are made of panoramic panels. Usually placed in a glass building, in showrooms and other spaces where it is required to seen from indoors to outdoors and vice versa. Industrial doors are made of aluminum alloy frame and glazing is used as polycarbonate or acrylic glass. All materials used have a high impact resistance and also have a special surface treatment. Profiles can be any color from RAL according to the overall architectural design of the building. Sectional industrial doors have reinforced hinges and sides of a steel cable with protection against breakage. The basic equipment of a spring mechanism designed for up to 25,000 cycles. In the optional equipment can be purchased spring mechanism it is tested for 50/75 / 100,000 cycles. To enhance the thermal insulation properties of industrial doors, we recommend combining glass and sandwich panels. You can then choose whether to have industrial sectional doors fully glazed or by sandwich and glass sections. průmyslová vrata sekční plnoprosklená  průmyslová vrata sekční s dveřmi

Our industrial sectional doors, we offer the lowest prices while ensuring the high quality and reliability.


Types of panels and colors of industrial doors ISD

We offer 6 types of industrial door panels. They differ in various types of grooves or panel can be completely smooth. Industrial doors are available in standard colors, but if you did not choose, we can also offer painting of panels and profiles. Finishing panels for industrial doors are available in 3 versions smooth, stucco, woodgrain. Everything can be viewed in this pattern design.

Drives industrial doors and accessories

motor pro průmyslová vrataFor industrial doors designed industrial drive Shaft 30/45/120 type gearbox in oil bath. Using this technology significantly increases the durability of the actuator and allows a more intensive use. The actuator consists of an electric motor and a mechanical device with built-in control unit. If there is no electrical power, a manual emergency control lets you open or close the gate manually using a chain. Among the industrial doors we offer a range of control panels way pushbutton control panel, lockable two-button panel that allows you to control only the authorized person, key switches, keypads, etc.. Industrial rolling gate doors We offer in addition to industrial doors and industrial gates. It is the rolling system where the armor composed of lamellas, which move in the guide rails. The whole door system controls lateral or tubular motor. If you are interested in price, please contact our specialists who will offer the best possible solutions. Alternatively, visit << industrial doors pricing / industrial sectional doors pricing / industrial sectional doors prices >> to find at least approximate prices. However, the preferred option is if you contact us directly or send an inquiry on the basis of which our engineers draw up a quote according to your specifications..


How to proceed when ordering

Industrial doors can be ordered in two ways via email or in person at the store. Portrait of happy smiling businesswoman with okay gesture

If you are interested in Industrial door installation, our sales staff can take on you a contact (name, address, phone number) and agree with you on a personal meeting. The preferred option is that we can  meet  on-site installation of sectional Industrial doors. The technician will explain the installation options and answer your questions, you have a product on the Industrial door. Prague, Central Bohemia and Plzen region are our main destinations. Based on the focus it writes an order according to which the Industrial door latest produced in 3-4 weeks. After production will contact you to arrange a leading assembly and with you the date of installation. If you are interested in sectional doors without installation, it is best to come to one of our stores with the required dimensions, by which they are to be made, your new Industrial door. Kladno (Americká 2772) is the seat of our company where you can ask questions to our specialists and will give you all the options sectional Industrial doors offer. If you can not visit us in our headquarters in Kladno, you can visit our branch office in Plzeň region – specifically Industrial doors Plzen (Slovanská 546/72). Here, too, it is available to the technician, who advise and answer your questions. Brings with him a specific price list. Industrial doors are measure made, so according to your requirements engineer calculates the specific quotation.

Payments (deposit and surcharge) held in cash or money order depends on agreement between you and our sales representative. A deposit of 50% pay sales representative in drafting orders for a new Industrial door. The price is determined according to the price calculation based on your requirements. Furthermore, we can issue a proforma invoice. Surcharge will be paid during the assembly and testing of cash.