Gates and motors

Entrance gates and Gates operator

We manufacture and install entrance gates and in several versions. Very popular are sliding gates self supporting or rail, but also swing gates the double gates. We produce meaure made gates and doors, which can be fitted with custom panels that will correspond with the appearance of your fence or you can fill in consultation with you to ensure we do.

In modern times it is investing in the entrance gate to the land and it pays to you.



Swing gates


Swing gate is made of either single or double. These gateways are made of jackel frame without filling. It is your choice whether you order a metal or wood filler. Alternatively, you can leave with us to produce only the frame and filling to secure themselves to their existing fence to follow the uniform design.

Adjust the gate in galvanized or komaxit.



Drives for swing gates

In our offer we have gate drives from BFT and DoorHan.

Gate drives are completely maintenance-free: no oiling or greasing. Likewise, as the exemplary drive design are its functions and safety. When opening the entrance gate it moves smoothly. Before closing the door gently braked, so quietly that even at night not disturb anyone. And for your satisfaction: Where an obstruction, the door immediately stops and then moves briefly in the opposite direction. Pinching is absolutely impossible.

We divide Gates operator on electromechanical and hydraulic. Electromechanical Gates operator are designed for smaller residential gateways, wing width of 180 cm. Hydraulic Gates operator can be used for larger residential gateway to the industrial wing width of up to 5 m and for a very common operation. Gates are also divided according to whether the gate posts are made of steel or solid masonry. The control unit can choose from five types according to the proposed operators accessories, and also the chosen operating system.

Therefore, they are also all fasteners are made so that they remain permanently resistant to weathering.

We use original hinges, which you can set yourself any time.brany-kridlove-pant







Sliding gates


We offer self supporting sliding gates or sliding gates moving along the rail. Cantilevered sliding gate includes jackel frame, prop, upper conduction gates, rollers, trucks, construction truck, stops and preparation for the engine. Sliding door moving along the rail includes jackel frame, upper conduction gates, rollers, casters including galvanized steel rails, stops, prop and preparation for the engine.



Sliding gate operators

In our offer we have motors from BFT and DoorHan.

Offered Gates operator are suitable for both gateway to the rail and hanging. Gates and gate drives supply for residential and industrial gates. The motors are divided according to the weight wings 500 kg to 2000 kg. Crest supply plastic and steel. The control unit can be brought into line with garage systems with a single remote control.

For very heavy and bulky gateways we offer Gates operator for gates up to 4000 kg.








How to proceed when ordering


Gateway can be ordered in two ways by phone or in person at the store. Then to you, our technician will take the information and will visit you directly to the site of the future assembly of gateways.

Based on the focus it writes an order according to which the gate no later than three weeks produced. After manufacturing, gateways will contact you to arrange a leading assembly and with you the date of installation.

Payments (deposit and surcharge) held in cash or bank transfer depends on agreement between you and our sales representative. A deposit of 50% pay to sales representative in the drafting of the order or we will issue proforma invoice. Surcharge will be paid during the assembly and testing of the functionality of the gateways in cash.