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garážová vrata doorhanSectional garage doors and purchase. shopping is not for everyone a pleasant activity, even if we are buying a nice thing, that is not so casual and we dont know precsely, whtas th best parameters for it . Its important to choose wisely, because the the product will serve a long time or even for whole life.Such purchases should be approached with care, and the main thing that interested us is not so much finance, but rather quality. Because it helps make it possible to achieve long-term functionality. And the amount you put into the purchase, is indeed an important factor, but the most expensive does not mean the best, just like the cheapest may not indicate exactly a bargain, unless the product can reach some quality. We will, however, offer a really good dealwhich consists in quality at an affordable price. Our garage doors are Czech product, which is manufactured in the town, where they built new halls, which produces sandwich panels for sectional doors, and then there is an automatic production line to manufacture a whole sectional doors it allows best prices. The advantage of our offer is the manufacture and sale of garage doors always made to measure, which means that we adapt to your needs. And that’s a standard price without any extra charge. Convince yourself and send us your inquiry to the garage door and around Prague.


Garage doors Univers

garážová vrataSectional doors consist of sandwich panels, which are manufactured on automated line. Sectional door panel consists of two layers of steel sheets with a filling of polyurethane foam.Galvanized steel sheets may be coated or laminated with PVC foil imitating wood. This foil is specifically made for garage doors and not subject to temperature effects or UV radiation. Design garage doors also form of their surface. And since even this may be different nowadays, it is also a matter of choice, where there is a choice of options in the form of a smooth surface, wood or stucco surfaces. We still produces different types of panels, which is also a large amount. Selecting appearance lies in the color specified by the garage door will be. In this respect, we offer eight standard colors from RAL, also six basic colors imitating wood, and if there were a case that you would not like none of the above, it is possible to build a garage door in any color from RALTheir combination with different types of sandwich panels and their design allows to produce more than 250 variants of the sectional door.Garage doors may have not only a standard color, but you can choose any color from RAL. The diversity of optional accessories for sectional doors allows you to select not only the best option, but also a unique product, made especially for you. Do not hesitate to inform about  the garage door in and around Prague.




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  • Garage doors RSD 01
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  • Roll – up garage gates


Garage doors YETT


Sectional Garage doors YETT

sekční vrataGarage doors YETT They combine advanced technology, energy efficiency and security solutions, which is the result of years of experience of top experts gate. Gates Yetti are produced in the Czech Republic the most advanced automatic line in Europe Garage doors YETT They consist of sandwich panels, which consists of two steel sheets, filled with polyurethane foam. Sheets are not interconnected, so there wont be a thermal bridge. To ensure sealing of the panels at the connection joints using a special seal energoflex.


Type YETT 01

These garage doors are designed for the holes to 3 m width. Lining must be between 145 mm and 90 mm of headroom. Are used here to balance wings tension springs, which are located on the side along the vertical mountings and garage doors they dont need too much space for lintel. Fittings are fitted to the walls of the right and left of the opening. Forging is made from one piece of sheet steel without using riveting process and therefore the leaf moves without noise and noise and very smooth. The springs are characterized by high durability and tested for min. 10,000 cycles. For additional sealing is used plastic seal the with air chamber.

Type YETT 02

Garage doors are designed for the holes to the width of 6m. Lining must be between 100 mm and 135 mm from the lintel . there are used torsion springs which are positioned vertically along a vertical fitting. The springs are tested at least to 15,000 cycles and it ensures high durability.Thanks to these springs are garage doors balanced in every position. Fittings are manufactured from one piece of sheet metal and for arc fitting consists of steel components connected together by spot-welding. we use a special plastic seal and horizontal bar with enlarged seal.

Types of panels and color garage doors YETT 01 and YETT 02

We offer six types of performance garage door panels you can choose from the smooth execution or performance of a spline. grooves sectional doors offer several sizes to satisfy as many needs and demands of our customers. Besides, we also offer slots cassette design of the garage door panels. With a wide range of panel design in combination with a color range of garage door panels can choose almost everyone. Any design can be found in this pattern.

tepelné hodnoty garážových vratEnergy efficiency and modern technology

Gates yeti fits among the finest private door in the world. They are made of high quality steel sheet filled with polyurethane foam thickness of 40mm. There are used new aluminum profiles and special packing that is so wide that protects the sectional doors from freezing points of contact. Through the use of modern technology does not exist in the door panels thermal bridge. Therefore there is no freezing panels. Using special seal between the panels ensures reliable sealing of the door and there is no heat leakageSectional garage doors arc of guide rails garage doors are made of a single sheet of metal with no riveted joints, this ensuring reliability, smooth and silent operation of the door. With these strips is very ergonomic door design.

New hinges allow convenient adjustment of the door leaf adherence to the building opening, which increases energy savings and better sealing of the entire room.


Safe operation

Safe operation is ensured by tension springs. If one would break , the second keeps the door leaf and thus prevent it from panty pro garážová vrata sekčnífalling. Simultaneously, two wires are used on both sides of the gate that protects the wing from falling in the event of failure of one of themAnother safety measure is the use of

fuses that are placed on the torsion spring mechanism. Locks the shaft when the spring breaks and fall of the door leafWhether they are even large doorsGarage doors are available in a maximum degree of assembly, which greatly reduces installation time. For convenient operation of the door, of course, the Sectional motor drive including integrated lamps intended for lighting the garage.   lock for sectional garage doors NEW DESIGN FOR DOOR LOCK YETT01 And YETT02 You have the option to order to your garage door with a new modern lock, which gives each door leaf elegant and unique look. Its sophisticated design ensures reliable performance. Rails are installed in the castle from both sides. I plug latch to lock the door only if the door leaf is completely clkryty pro garážová vrataosedNewly we have garage doors YETT 01 mounted on our showroom in Kladno. Come the new garage door to try and look at the different innovative elements that contain gates. At the same time we our experts are ready to answer all your questions. Garage doors Prague and surroundings are the most frequent destinations of our assembly.



Instructional video of installation of garage doors YETT 01 and YETT 02


We have prepared a video tutorial on how to install garage doors YETT. In this video you can see how the sectional doors are prepared at the factory to the greatest degree possiblesmontovanosti, with them to be easy and quick handling.



video – instalation Garage doors YETT 01 here >> 




 video – instalation of  YETT 02 here >>





Garage doors RSD


Type RSD 01

garážová vrata pohled z interiéruGarage doors RSD01 series are specially designed for garages with low lintel (100 mm) and a minimum distance from the edge of the hole to the wall (120 mm). The spring mechanism is located at the side of the door. Garage doors are manufactured in small dimensions (width 3000 mm, height 2700 mm) low-lift type of lightweight panels. Levelling door leaf is done using a special mechanism which is positioned vertically along the guides. Around the perimeter of the door is located hardy PVC sealing. Safety is assured by special systems -in-spring” and the double rope.

Type RSD 02

Garage doors are the classic series RSD02 of sectional doors, designed for the most common sizes of garages. Gates RSD 02 are suitable for buildings and spaces between walls with a width of five meters and a ceiling structure and the lintel may present different. These doors are produced for ten types of stroke, depending on the installation conditions. These garage doors are installed in garages with a different layout. They can be installed in buildings with different architectural elements, mainly with different structures lintels and ceilings. This serie is the most popular door. Lintel must be at least 150 mm with the lining at least 130 mm. Operational safety gate is secured by safety devices before break spring. calorific value and seals for garage doors tremendous advantage to our garage door system is used interconnectedness of internal and external garage doors sectional steel sheets. With this system, there is no thermal bridge and there is no freezing panels on the joints. The gap is filled with polyurethane foam, which is covered with a non-absorbent material with long service life.But before the planning starts a specific layout or size of of garage doors, you must choose basic variant of the door, from which it is based. And that may be of two kinds RSD 01 RSD or the 2nd for each door separately can choose whether to have a motor or manual control, which is another plus our garage door.

Types of of the garage door panels RSD 01 and RSD 02

for Doors RSD, we also perform 6 types of of the garage door panels you can choose from the smooth execution or performance of a spline. grooves sectional doors offer several sizes. Besides, we also offer slots cassette design of the garage door panels. With a wide range of panel design in combination with a color range of of the garage door panels can choose almost everyone. Any design can be found in this pattern.

Roll-up garage gates

Our roll-up garage gates have several special features: they are reliable, solid, resistant against UV rays and bad weather and they are custom-made. Roll-up garage gates are rolled up in the lintel space and do not occupy the space on the garage ceiling.  Roll-up garage gates are made of aluminium lamellas T 511 and T 77 filled in with polyurethane foam. Tube drives provide for opening and closing. You can choose between controlling with a key switch or remote control.

Main advantages of rolling doors:

+ all-aluminum finish rolling garage doors + tailor-made according to customer specifications + Minimum space + reliability during assembly before / after opening the guides do not interfere with the space rolling garage doors particularly excel minimal space and high-quality design. They are suitable for garages and before the shop display windows of stores. Roller shutter doors are to measure accurately. Roller shutter doors can be installed additionally into each hole without additional construction work. Its application will find this rolling shutters doors where other types of doors are inadequate. Doors are made from aluminum plates P77, which are insulated with polyurethane foam without FCKW. These lamellas form the armor door. Armour moves in aluminum guide rails that include abrasion-resistant sealing with a brush. The entire armor is wound into an aluminum box which is in the size 300 mm or 350 mm. The biggest advantage of this doors are saving space under the ceiling of the garage. Roll-up doors are fitted behind the building opening or hole in the building or in front of him. These doors do not require any additional construction under the ceiling. With a simple installation are easy access for service and maintenance possible not only slats, but the drive itself. Roller shutter doors are available with motorized controls and emergency crank. Door operation can be selected by a key switch or remote control. Maximum door width: 5 m Maximum door height: 4m Maximum door surface: 16 m2 Roll-up doors are available in several colors. Specifically, armor can select the color white, dark brown, silver or golden oak. Box and guides are available in white and dark brown.



garážová sekční vrata Take a look at page of reference photos of our realizations of garage doors. We supply hundreds of doors annually and we have many satisfied customers who are already receiving comfort and convenience in opening his new garage. Join the ranks them as well! The following picture will certainly help in deciding whether to order garage doors from us.

   << reference here >>



Remotes control Doorhan

We offer a wide range of color variations controllers Doorhan. you can choose exactly according to your taste. If you need a remote controldálkové ovladače garážových vrat ,to o garage doorsYou can order one through our e-shop , where competitive rates and encoding easily handle themselves. Then just download the corresponding instructions to the motor (500 Sectional or Sectional 750-1200) that you have on your door and follow exactly the steps in the manual Programming. Programming can handle anybody. In the event that you need to encode controllers from us, no problem, our engineers will visit you and perform programming.

Production of garage doors

Production takes place in of garage doors manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic – specifically in the town. There was built a new production hall, which is equipped with the latest machinery which are of course certified. there is with the latest production line for the production of sandwich panels for sectional doors. All parts and components that are installed on the gate are subjected to tests in accordance with world standards. Garage doors are made to measure, according to a customer requirements and wishes. The actual process of production of the garage doors fully automated manufacture of doors and is so flexible, fast and accurate. Gates can thus be produced in various colors and sizes.

výroba sekčních garážových vratvýroba garážových vrat výroba vrat garážových

The panels are produced on automated machines where steel sheets are disposed on which is embossed a desired design groove, cassette or imitation wood surface.

výroba garážových vrat sekčních garážová vrata výrobagarážová vrata výroba

This modified sheet goes into automated production lines, where it is filling with polyurethane foam. The foam is spread uniformly to a height of 40 mm. Following pressing the second sheet occurs and the maximum cure foam.

sekční garážová vrata výrobagarážová vrata sekční výrobavýroba garážových vrat

Garage door panels are adjusted to the required size for the client. Subsequently, the panels are supplied needed wheels, fittings, hinges and any other accessories. In the case of a motor drive control is delivered including the required equipment is added or handle for manual operation.

výroba garážových sekčních vratskladování dílů sekčních garážových vratskladování pohonů garážových vrat

Then the garage doors are transported to the shipping warehouse where trucks distributes doors across Europe.

Montage of Garage doors

We have prepared for you a few photos of the installation of garage doors. You can view the several figures, as the sectional doors are installed. In case of any questions we are available, feel free to ask about anything.


Exhibition ForArch – International Building Fair

for_arch_logoOur company participated in the construction ForArch Fair, which was held in the premises of the Exhibition Centre Prague Letnany. Our booth had a high attendance thanks to the great diversity of our samples exhibited. We figured a new garage door YETT YETT 01 and the 2nd sectional gates were fully functional with motorized, so it was possible to try things out. Our experts were willingly ready to answer every question. You can view the photos.

for arch video garážová vrata Video from show to watch ForArch Here >>

Exhibition R+T Stuttgart

Garage doors Doorhan YETT was also presented at the exhibition R + T in Stuttgart. This is the most important international trade fair with an assortment shutters, door systems and shading techniques. Stand of garage doors Doorhan enjoyed huge attendance and costumer interest. Garage doors Doorhan reach world level.

Exhibition BAU Mnichov

DoorHan company participated in the exhibition BAU exhibition at Messe München in Germany.

This prestigious exhibition is held in 17 halls covering an area of 183,000 square meters. particiate with over 2,000 exhibitors from more than 40 countries and attendance is about 238 000 people from all continents. DoorHan company constituted an innovation sectional garage doors YETT. Stand DoorHan enjoyed very abundant number of visitors to the exhibition.

You can see some photos that we have taken. Regarding of garage doors YETT please contact our the commercially technical staff, very happy to answer all your questions.


How to proceed when ordering

Garage doors can be ordered in two ways via email or in person at the store. Portrait of happy smiling businesswoman with okay gesture

If you are interested in garage door installation, our sales staff can take on you a contact (name, address, phone number) and agree with you on a personal meeting. The preferred option is that we can  meet  on-site installation of sectional garage doors. The technician will explain the installation options and answer your questions, you have a product on the garage door. Prague, Central Bohemia and Plzen region are our main destinations.

Based on the focus it writes an order according to which the garage door latest produced in 3-4 weeks. After production will contact you to arrange a leading assembly and with you the date of installation.

If you are interested in sectional doors without installation, it is best to come to one of our stores with the required dimensions, by which they are to be made, your new garage door. Kladno (Americká 2772) is the seat of our company where you can ask questions to our specialists and will give you all the options sectional garage doors offer. If you can not visit us in our headquarters in Kladno, you can visit our branch office in Plzeň region – specifically garage doors Plzen (Slovanská 546/72). Here, too, it is available to the technician, who advise and answer your questions. Brings with him a specific price list. Garage doors are measure made, so according to your requirements engineer calculates the specific quotation.

Payments (deposit and surcharge) held in cash or money order depends on agreement between you and our sales representative. A deposit of 50% pay sales representative in drafting orders for a new garage door. The price is determined according to the price calculation based on your requirements. Furthermore, we can issue a proforma invoice. Surcharge will be paid during the assembly and testing of cash.