Garage doors and Industrial doors

Our company is one of the largest suppliers of garage and door technologies in the Czech Republic. Together with corresponding input prices we are able to calculate the most attractive price. Find out yourselves.

We are ready to carry out the price calculation and free consulting directly at your site.

Garage doors DoorHan

We offer a wide range of garage doors including DoorHan garage doors. Our aim is to offer exactly fitting gates corresponding to your requirements and ideas. We are here for you. We offer you original garage door RSD 01 and RSD 02, YETT 01 and YETT 02 for very good price. You don’t pay special price for making garage door according to your wish.

Industrial doors DoorHan

We offer industrial doors DoorHan in many varieties of combinations and shapes with suitable drives. Gate material: steel, aluminium, steel/aluminium combination. We make your gate made-to-measure  fitting to your needs and ideas.

Rolling doors

Rolling doors are characterized by minimal space requirements. They are suitable for garage and shop windows. The advantage of rolling doors is reliability, strenght, immunity against UV radiation and wind, alluminium slats and of course made-to-measure fitting to your needs and ideas.

Swing gates

We offer swing gates with one wing or with two wings. We make them according to you needs and ideas and we deliver them with metal or wood filling or even without filling, which can customer deliver himself, so he can match it with his fencing. Of course, we offer quality control and motors from Doorhan or BFT.

Sliding gates

We produce sliding gates along the rail or cantilever gates. We offer metal or wood filling or we deliver only the frame. To the gates, we offer quality controls and motor from DoorHan or BFT.


Barriers are perfect solution for public parking, entrances to hotels or logistic and industrials areas. We offer standard vesrion of barries for normal traffic or for very intensiv traffic. Barriers are long from 3 to 8m. You can control it by key, cards or trasmitter.