Driveway parking barriers


The parking entrance gates are imported directly from the Italian manufacturer BFT. We provide installation and even sell them wholesale.

Entrance barriers should be used for public parking, driveways or to protect pedestrian zones. They fit into residences, garages, industrial zones. we deliver Barriers for the standard and for continuous operation in industrial applications. Design bar barrier is between 3-8 m. The support of the bar barrier can be folded away for mounting directly on the bar or fixed for concreting.


Barriers type MOOVI

This type of barrier is designed for small or medium-sized parking lot, private lots and garages. Moovi Barriers are available in several versions for the 3-5 m the bar opening speed of 1.8 s to 8 s. Barriers are equipped with an internal cooling fan, balancing spring and for your convenience is applied rapid emergency release in case of power failure. The cabinet unit is highly resistant to corrosion, prepared for the retrofitting accessories.


  zavora_moovi  zavora_moovi_b

Video of entrance gate


Here you can see how our barrier onto a short video.


Barriers type BGV

This type of barrier is designed for continuous operation, therefore for the large parking lots with high traffic. BGV Barriers are available in several versions for the the bar 3-6 m and opening speed 3 sec to 12 sec. Barriers are equipped with a compact motor with gear in an oil bath, balancing spring.

zavora-bgv  bgv-univers_2  bgv-inox



These types of barrier is designed to be very intense traffic. Barriers are available in several versions for the bar 6-8 mA opening speed of 6 to 8. Barriers are very hard vandal-proof. Barriers are equipped with electronic limit switches, blinker is incorporated into the body of the barrier at the top of a very impressive.

  závora-michelangelo_1  závora-michelangelo_2  michelangelo-univers-3



Barriers are mounted on a concrete base, which should be extend to a depth of unfrozen deep Its 80cm .. Do not forget to 220V supply base in the middle and on the control cables. The size of the base and elektro preparation scheme will be happy to elaborate on the specific case.

Control of barrier can select switch, key switch, card system, chip or key-fob remote. As a safety feature, we recommend barrier photocells which monitor the space in the work zone barrier. Barriers by safety reasons should be installed only for the operation of vehicles. Passageways for pedestrians should be out working space barriers, and dealt with separately.

Another interesting possibility is an electromechanical plug pole. This is a pole jacketed with lights. Operation is the same as used at the barrier.

Import Barriers and supply from BFT.

Pluggable columns Stopp

Plug-Stopp columns are suitable where it is not possible because of space or use a barrier leads to traffic and pedestrians.

  sloupy_stoppy  sloupy_stoppy_2

Because we are importers, we can offer barriers at great prices, both wholesale and is mounting.

The barriers and whole range of BFT, we are able to deliver wide range of accessories.

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How to proceed when ordering

Barriers can be ordered in two ways by phone or in person at the store. Then to you, our technician will take the information and will visit you directly to the site ofobchodnice the future latch assembly.

Based on the focus it writes an order according to which the barrier at the latest three weeks produced. Afterwards you will be contacted by leading the assembly and arranges a date of installation with you.

Payments (deposit and surcharge) held in cash or bank transfer depends on agreement between you and our sales representative. A deposit of 50% pay to sales representative in the drafting of the order or we will issue proforma invoice. Surcharge will be paid during the assembly and testing functionality barriers in cash.